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Resiliency is key to the reliability, efficiency, and economics of distribution and grid operations. Over the last 28 years, OATI has transformed visionary ideas into practical, best-in-class solutions spanning the entire spectrum of the energy industry. Unsurpassed in domain expertise, understanding, and experience across the industry, OATI drives best-in-class solutions to solve today’s challenges. Day-after-day, 30,000 end users manage and promote their organization’s business using OATI products, services, and customer support, recognized as the most reliable and dependable in the industry. Today, OATI’s commitment to the energy industry continues to earn our customers’ trust and confidence.

Quanta Technology is an independent technology, consulting, and testing company providing business and technical expertise, along with advanced methodologies and processes, to utilities and others in the power and energy industries. Our mission is to provide unparalleled value to our clients in every engagement across the value chain by using advanced software and hardware, laboratories, and custom tools for a holistic approach to practical service and the most insightful thought leadership in the industry.

TAPP is a family owned, certified minority company who has been devoted to manufacturing quality steel structures for the Utility, Communications, and OEM markets for 60+ years.

Quanta Services builds the expertise, partnerships, and culture of safety and diversity needed to forge the infrastructure solutions that power modern life.

Huble and Aclara

Aclara, with a strong presence and focus in LATAM, is a Hubbell brand which offers an end-to-end, integrated and comprehensive solution, combined with communications, analytics software, smart meters, sensors and implementation services, enabling electric, water, and gas utilities to realize the full potential of a smart and visible infrastructure.

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