ISGT LA 2023: The Transformation of the Electric Power Industry Toward a Cleaner and Resilient Grid

Call for Papers and Panels


The 2023 edition of Conference on Innovative Smart Grid Technologies, Latin America (ISGT LA 2023), sponsored by the IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES), will be held in San Juan, PR, on November 6-9, 2023 with the theme “Towards a Cleaner and Resilient Grid”.

The electric power system is undergoing a fundamental transformation due to need for a more resilient grid, as major weather events become more frequent and devastating. At the same time, the system is experiencing a dramatic increase in deployments of Inverter-Based Renewable Resources (IBRs), decrease of system inertia, increased need for grid observability and controllability, increased need energy efficiency and demand response, regulatory changes and the emergence of new business models and grid services. In Puerto Rico, these are influenced by territorial laws and policies targeting decarbonization, evolving customer needs, and need for flexible and resilient operation of the system, which will lead to 100% adoption of renewable energy by 2050, 60% by 2040, and 40% by 2025, with increase of energy efficiency as well as retirement of coal generation by 2028. At the same time, there is a major focus on Energy Justice in the territory. In conjunction with resilience requirements, these will result in higher adoption of technology such as microgrids and advanced controls. The changes are resulting in an enormous increase in the system complexity where the number of active control points in the grid is too high to be managed manually. Therefore, there is need for innovation in design, integration, operation, testing and evaluation of newer technologies and processes in order to enable and accelerate progress towards increased levels of automation. Additionally new structural and architectural constructs will be critical for allowing local decision-making which is a steppingstone in the transition to a “self-driving” grid.

It is important to discuss the different drivers, key enablers, new structures and advanced technologies. ISGT LA 2023 is nested in the perfect scenario where Puerto Rico will experience major system reconstruction with a heart in resilience, while at the same time must enable 100% renewables. The brain, i.e., controls, will be fundamental to orchestrate all these parts. The ISGT LA 2023 will be the forum to discuss the latest issues, trends, and innovative technologies towards resilience and decarbonization, with economic access to energy to all. The Conference will feature keynote and plenary sessions, panel sessions, and technical papers presented in poster sessions, as well as pre-conference tutorials.

The Conference Organizing Committee invites practitioners and researchers worldwide to submit papers and panel proposals on conference topics outlined by the following three tracks:

  1. Track 1: Renewable Energy Key Drivers and Enablers 
    • Power electronics and inverter-based resources
    • Sustainable, responsive and flexible technologies and processes
    • Energy Efficiency and Demand Response
    • Transportation Electrification
    • Economic efficiency
    • Environmental and energy justice issues
    • Regulations
    • Customer participation
  1. Track 2: Climate Change and Resilience
    • Reliability and resilience
    • New design withstanding climate change
    • Fragility analysis of power systems
    • Advanced structures or new business models (e.g. microgrids, community aggregation etc.)
    • New coordination schemes between devices or entities
  1. Track 3: Innovative Technologies
    • Innovative technologies for sensing, computation or controls
    • Innovative grid architectures for monitoring and control
    • Cyber Security
    • Substation and distribution automation technologies (advanced FLISR, Volt-VAR Optimization, outage management, restoration, etc.)
    • Emerging technologies (Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, 5G, Internet of Things-IoT, Blockchain, augmented reality etc.) and their applications
    • Transactive Energy Systems and other incentive-compatible market design
    • Processes and tools for verification and validation
    • Metrics for performance evaluation

Call for Papers

The Conference Organizing Committee invites to submit papers for review and oral presentation (if accepted). Complete manuscripts (maximum length 5 pages, and in accordance with the PES Author’s Kit) are to be submitted by May 30, 2023 (11:59 PM EST) via the document submission portal: [coming soon]. (Note that this site won’t be open until February 1, 2023)

In addition to general criteria mentioned in the Author’s Kit, the following criteria will be used in evaluating the submissions:

  1. Evidence of actual deployment or application
  2. Representative of a state-of-the-art capability or practice
  3. Ability to inform strategies for advancing grid capabilities

Registration at the conference is required for the author(s) to present accepted paper(s). Papers presented at the conference will be submitted to IEEE Xplore.

To promote a more efficient and comprehensive engagement among participants, ISGT LA 2023 will endeavor to make the papers available online in advance of the conference to allow registrants time to prepare questions and comments for the presenters to address during the conference.

Important Dates for Paper Submission

  • Paper Submission Site Opens: February 1, 2023
  • Paper Submission Deadline: May 30, 2023 (11:59 PM EST)
  • Revised Notification of Paper Acceptance: September 1, 2023

Call for Panels

The Conference Organizing Committee invites to submit proposals for panel sessions for review and presentation (if accepted). The format of panel sessions typically consists of three to four speakers, and a session chair who also serves as the panel moderator. Each panel session is typically expected to be 1.5 hours long. Proposals including presentations of electric utility experiences and practical implementations of novel concepts and solutions are encouraged.

Please provide a title and brief description of the panel topic. It is required to include the names, email addresses, titles and affiliations of the proposed panelists along with their presentation topics. A brief abstract of what they intend to cover is optional, but highly recommended. [template] available on the ISGT LA 2023 website should be used, and the proposals need to be emailed to within the deadline mentioned below. All panel participants including the session chair and panel speakers need to register for the conference.

Important Dates for Panel Proposal Submission

  • Panel Proposal Submission Starts: February 1, 2023
  • Panel Submission Deadline: May 30, 2022 (11:59 PM EST)
  • Notification of Panel Proposal Acceptance: September 1, 2023

For any questions please contact If you did not hear a response within 48 hours, please feel free to follow up directly one of the event organizers.