As collective decarbonization efforts ramp up across the world, there is an urgent need for young professionals to be an integral part of that transformation. Future jobs, learning opportunities, and education systems are transitioning to enable further adoption of renewable energy sources and decarbonization technologies. This working group aims to create a space for young professionals to actively engage in that conversation as well as a space for them to actively participate in the related processes.

Equitable energy transition and ensuring energy security have become cross-cutting concerns when approaching climate-friendly energy solutions. The next generation of professionals should therefore be knowledgeable about such aspects of the energy transition as well as possess the capacity to address the challenges in the transition. Therefore, this working group is expected to support the vision of IEEE being a key technology actor and driver in the climate technology space. You can find the current Body of Work of the Task Force here. We encourage you to go through the document linked here.


Dr. Sajith Wijesuriya is currently a Postdoctoral Researcher at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory of the United States. And he also works for and assists co-manage three Clean Energy Ministerial work streams. (i) Clean Energy Solutions Center (CESC), which provides assistance to developing countries to design and implement clean energy policies, and resolve deployment-related challenges, (ii) NICE Future Initiative which leads the global conversation on the roles nuclear energy can play in clean energy systems of the future.(iii) 21st Century Power Partnership. He is also chairing the Climate and Sustainability Task Force of the IEEE Young Professionals (IEEE YP CSTF).

Ms. Shree Narasimhan is an Electrical Engineer focusing on Renewable Energy and Off grid Energy Solutions and works closely with building owners and developers to provide building resilience, decarbonization, electrification, and net zero energy master plans and implementation strategies. She obtained her undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering following which she has a Masters Degree in Energy Engineering and a Masters in Project Management.She currently works for QCells as a Project Engineer out of the Manhattan office in the EPC division providing Engineering Solutions to all QCells Commercial clients.

Kayna Mendoza Trujillo is a Materials Engineer and currently, a 3rd-year Ph.D. research fellow at Northwestern University and Argonne National Laboratory of the United  States in the field of Materials Science and Engineering. She stems from a background in Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Engineering obtained from her tenure as an undergraduate at the University of Texas at El Paso and as a master’s graduate at Swansea University in Wales, respectively. Her current research aims to explore the fundamental behavior and driving mechanisms of magnetism at the nanoscale, targeted for applications in sustainable computing and energy storage. 

Julio Romero Aguero