Weds. Sept. 20, 13:30-15:30

“Smart Grid Recent Advancements and Applications”

Chair: Claudio Canizares, Univ. of Waterloo and 2017 ISGT LA Tech. Chair, Canada

This panel will focus on presenting recent advancements in and applications of smart grids around the world. Thus, development and implementations of intelligent energy management, monitoring, and control of loads and distribution networks will be discussed. This includes smart devices and controls to properly mange feeder flows in distribution grids in the presence of distributed generation, energy management systems for distribution grids interacting with smart loads, energy management and control of microgrids, development and integration of smart renewable generation, especially solar PV, and other recent smart grid implementations.

– Thursday Sept. 21, 13:30-15:30

“Integration of SCADA/Energy Management Systems and Synchrophasor Management Systems (WAMPAC) at Energy Control Centers”

Chair: Damir Novosel, Quanta Tech. and PES President, US

This panel will present experiences and best practices regarding how WAMPAC systems are being used in energy control centers and their status as daily tools of power system operators, and the benefits derived from the use of WAMPAC tools and practical experiences regarding synchrophasor applications used by operators, in particular wide-area situational awareness, oscillation detection, angle monitoring, among others. Engineering and operational studies that are conducted in order to parametrize WAMPAC tools (alarm settings, limiting thresholds, etc.) so the tools become useful to the operator will also be discussed.

– Friday  Sept. 22, 13:30-15:30

“International best practices for the integration of transmission and distribution systems”

Chair: Gabriel Arguello, CENACE and 2017 ISGT LA General Chair, Ecuador

From a transmission system level, the panel will present practices from a power system protection and asset management perspective which includes: a) how data driven activities such as transmission maintenance, transmission protection design (lines, generators, transformers, buses) and asset management are being integrated; b) development, use and support of coordinated centralized databases as common repositories of information for increased efficiency and effectiveness; and c) the integration of the tools used for transmission protection and the process for data gathering including protection settings and coordination and technology roadmaps towards the integration of databases and protection management systems. From a distribution system level, the panel focus on distribution operations and expansion planning perspectives including: a) how ADMS are being used in distribution control centers, b) benefits derived from the use of ADMS tools and practical experiences regarding distribution applications; and c) integration of the tools used for power distribution expansion planning under a systematic process for data gathering including: CIS, AMI, GIS, and analysis and simulation tools.